The 7th Open Source Monitoring Conference 2012: large and international audience

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This year also, NETWAYS the open source specialist, invited experts and participants to the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC), which is by now the seventh.
Among the speakers was Nagios core developer, Andreas Ericsson who presented the current status of Nagios 4.0 and of course the Icinga team who released version 1.8 in time for the conference. Besides 75 new features and bug fixes as well a further extended reporting, the highlight of the conference was the outlook for Icinga2. The new version, announced for next year, had been presented in a first developer preview.

The attendees got also information on other projects in excellent first-hand presentations, like e.g. Shinken, NSClient++ or Zabbix. Beside case studies from Deutsche Bahn, ING-DiBa and the nuclear research organization CERN, lots of other lectures on best practices were held.
Altogether, more than 260 attendees from 12 different countries came to the yearly conference. This hadn´t only been the conference with the largest audience, but above all the event with the vastest