Mohit Tahiliani Launches Inspiring Stories Of The Great Secret Teachers. Volume 2, “How To Write Your Own Destiny”

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Gujarat, India (August 23, 2014) – Financial abundance is sought by many but few people are actually able to experience and achieve it. has launched a book series centralizing the themearound law of attraction through which the author of the book Mohit Tahiliani helps people to achieve financial abundance by sharing stories of the great secret teachers.

This is a fresh new book published on August 18; 2014.It”s a book series with its 2st Volume. This book series is based on true life stories of the great Law of Attraction masters who created The Secret Video & book. Volume 1 is on Joe Vitale & this is Volume 2 which is on Neale Donald Walsch.

The Secret is a self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne based on the law of attraction. It claims that positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

The law of abundance is based on the five broad principles. These five broad principles which help in manifesting financial abundance includes, Fully Acknowledge, Accept, and Embrace Your Abundant Nature, Welcome with Gratitude the Abundance that is all Around You, Reprogram your Body-mind for Financial Success, Take Massive Inspired Action and 5) Let go of Attachment to the Outcome of your Actions.

The author’s main motto is to preach the path of success to people by sharing stories who have already gained bountiful by applying law of attraction. He believes that you as a person can achieve bountiful happiness by learning how to write your own destiny.

Sharing his idea behind the launch of the book, The Author says, “Couple of year back I got an inspirational thought that, “The Secret” and “The Power” book is out but when I saw people around me, I realized there are two kinds of people. One of the kinds is those who are living the life using the Secret and living there dream life and other is who know the Law but don’t use them because they might not believe in them. They are the people living their life miserably. So I decided to share the stories of people alive today who are living with the help of the law of attraction and are the happiest, healthiest and the wealthiest people of the world. This is all due to Rhonda Byrne so I have decided to tribute it to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team. This book is known as “Living the Secret” & it’s dedicated to entire human race.”

Mohit Tahiliani, the author has rolled out a book “Living the Secret” which is been publicized on the platform and is based on manifesting material abundance through law of attraction. More information can be availed at

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